Standing Committees

SECPTA offers many activities for members and their families, and many ways to get involved!  Below is a list of the standing committees and their description.  The chair and co-chair for each committee is listed on the Contact Us page.  There are always ways to get involved and help out!  For more information, contact the president or membership chair, who can help you get connected with other parents like you.

2017-2018 Chair:   
Diana Martens

Maintains current copy of by-laws and standing rules. Reviews and updates the by-laws as needed at least once every three years. Obtains by-laws approval from Ohio PTA.

Monthly Activities
2017-2018 Chairs:   Chrissy Corsi & Danielle Blech

Committee has at least 2 co-chairs. Planning Co-Chair - Oversee planning of monthly activities from September through May (note: planning begins in July), ensuring that a variety of events are planned and that events do not conflict with each other or with other SECPTA functions. Train committee members on scheduling events and getting reimbursed. Prepare monthly sign-up sheets and activity descriptions for the newsletter. Track budget and set activity supplement amounts to stay within budget. Plan activities as a part of the committee. Plan end of year Member Appreciation activity (if budget allows). Sign-up Co-Chair - Collect, record and verify sign-up information, working with members to resolve discrepancies as needed. Enter sign-up information into Excel spreadsheet. Communicate sign-up information to activity  planners. Work with the Treasurer to make deposits and refunds as needed. Plan activities as part of the committee.

Children's Parties
2017-2018 Chairs:   Sara Radak & Open

Plan and execute two themed parties for member families.

2017-2018 Chair:   Open
Maintain inventory of unit's costumes and manage rentals.
2017-2018 Chairs:   Chrissy Corsi & Open
Organizes monthly craft activity.

2017-2018 Chairs:                        
Kids' Closet: Sarah Longfield & Amanda Myers
Wing Ding: Heather Reed & Open
Generates and facilitates fundraising activities to provide funds for the running of the PTA.

Health & Safety
2017-2018 Chair:   Open
Provides special tips, information and activities to help our children stay healthy.

2017-2018 Chair:   Open
Compiles a record of pictures and printed material to reflect yearly happenings and events. Periodically displays book at meetings.

2017-2018 Chair:   Diana Martens
Coordinates unit's involvement in the annual Strongsville Homecoming Parade or Homecoming festival.

2017-2018 Chairs:   Andrea Cozza & Open
Arranges for snacks and beverages for the General Meeting and sets up the refreshment table. Greets members at General Meetings and Membership Drive.  Coordinates the annual Holiday Social including the white elephant gift exchange.

2017-2018 Chair:   Open
Keeps members up to date on legislation and issues that relate to children and education.

Membership and Membership Drive
2017-2018 Chairs:   Sarah Longfield & Joy Slonaker
Can be divided into 2 co-chair roles. Signs up new members. Inputs member data into Simply Circle. Completes membership forms for the state. Distributes volunteer names to the committees. Tallies volunteer hours. Distributes Membership Appreciation coupons. Database Records - Maintains computer database of membership files, prints yearly roster. Responsible for sending e-mail messages from president to the members.

2017-2018 Chairs:   Amanda Walter- Coordinator and Crystal Mosca- Editor
Committee has 2 co-chairs. Coordinator - Sets deadlines and acts as central collection point of all officers' newsletter articles monthly. Typeset and/or lay out newsletter in Microsoft Word, Publisher or HTML format. Sends broadcast e-mail of newsletter to members monthly, using list provided by Membership Chair. Requires good computer skills. Editor - Responsible for proofreading newsletter and ensuring accuracy of information and compliance with SECPTA bylaws.

2017-2018 Chair:   Eva Hoelter
Organizes small groups of children and parents for the purpose of socializing. Attends the annual membership drive to promote playgroup participation. Holds sign ups in August and September. Groups are formed and begin to meet in early October. Maintains communication with participants throughout the year, adding new members to existing groups as new families join SECPTA.

2017-2018 Chair:  Open
Create and distribute flyers, newsletters and brochures to publicize SECPTA events and meetings through newsletter, television, and various media sources. Publicizes to locations throughout the city such as preschools, retailers, public library and recreation facility, as well as in some neighboring cities. Requires good computer skills.

2017-2018 Chair:   Open
Promotes the arts by providing an opportunity for children to express their talents through participation in the Reflections Program. Encourages creative expression among children and youth in the form of dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and the visual arts (which includes art forms such as drawing, painting, print making and collage). Also coordinates participation in other PTA sponsored art programs.

2017-2018 Chair:   Heather Reed
Coordinates donations to local charitable organizations or individuals. Coordinates service activities for member families.

2017-2018 Chair:   Open
Responsible for coordinating solicitation requests from all committees. Contacts local businesses to obtain donations for SECPTA committees.

Sunshine & Flowers
2017-2018 Chair:   Jenny Dusseau
Informs group of births, illnesses and deaths. Arranges delivery of meal and gifts to members welcoming a new child in their home. Arranges delivery of flower arrangement and/or sympathy card to members experiencing illness or death in the family.

2017-2018 Chair:   Eva Hoelter
Updates the website at the start of the year with board positions and meeting dates. Continues to maintain the Welcome Page and Events as needed. Adds monthly newsletters, board meeting minutes, and general meeting minutes. Adds attachments for Membership Drive, Preschool Open House, and Kids Closet.