Membership / FAQs

Joining SECPTA is easy, just download the Membership Application at the bottom of this page, complete, and return it with your check for $25 made out to Strongsville Early Childhood PTA to our Membership Chair by mail or at any meeting. If you do not have a printer or cannot download the file, please contact the Membership Chair, Bridget Richard, to have a membership application mailed to you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do I have to be a resident of Strongsville to join the Early Childhood PTA?
A. No, but most of our members are residents, former residents, or have friends or family who are residents. Some members live on the border of Strongsville and choose to belong to SECPTA instead of or in addition to their local Early Childhood PTA. Or members may have children attending a private school, preschool, or daycare in Strongsville and therefore have friends in the community. You do not need to live in Strongsville to join, but please keep in mind that most of the activities are in Strongsville or close to Strongsville.

Q. What does it cost to become a member?
A. Annual membership dues are $25 per year. This covers our National, State, and local PTA dues and other expenses. SECPTA is a non-profit organization. All revenues from fundraising activities and dues are used to cover expenses including speakers and themes at the general meetings, subsidizing activities for our members, keeping party and event costs low, community service activities, mailings, and event publicity.

Q. What are volunteer hours?
A. Volunteer hours are defined as time spent engaged in PTA business, such as attending meetings, doing committee work, or working at PTA functions. We report our group's volunteer hours to the Ohio PTA each year to maintain our non-profit status. While we don't have a minimum requirement for volunteer hours, we strongly encourage all members volunteer their time and talents whenever possible (ask about joining one of our committees)! The success of our organization depends on its members volunteering to help!

Q. How do I report my hours?
A. Complete the volunteer hours form at any general or board meeting, mail it, or e-mail it. You can also fill the form out on our website. It is important that we track volunteer hours to maintain our non-profit status.

Q. Do I earn anything for my volunteer hours?
A. YES! When a member accrues 10 volunteer hours, she will receive $5 worth of SECPTA Membership Appreciation Coupons, which can be used towards payment for activities. For each additional 20 volunteer hours the member accumulates, she will receive another $5 worth of coupons. Active members can redeem coupons issued during the 2015-2016 year through December 2016. There is a cap of $25 for the amount of coupons a member can receive in one PTA year.

Q. How much credit do I earn for attending a general meeting?
A. 1 volunteer hour (for the business portion of the meeting only) is earned for each general meeting attended.

Q. How much credit do I earn for hosting a playgroup?
A. 1 volunteer hour per playgroup hosted, regardless of how long the play group lasts or how much time you spend preparing.

Q. How do I pay for activities?
A. It is preferred that all activities are paid for by check made out to Strongsville Early Childhood PTA as cash cannot be accepted. You may also pay with coupons earned for your volunteer service hours reported.

Q. What is the deadline for sign-ups?
A. Generally, the deadline for children's activities is the 20th of the month by 9 PM. It is best to sign up as early as possible as seats and space in the event are assigned on a first come, first served basis and some activities fill up fast. You must pay at the time you sign up, space is not reserved until payment is received. Some activities, such as special events or trips that are paid for separately, will have other (usually earlier) deadlines as noted in the information. Most couples, moms', dads' and theme party events require sign-up by the last general meeting before the event, but check each event notice for specific sign-up deadline information.

Jul 16, 2018, 8:00 AM